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Everything You Should Know about CPR Classes and CPR/BLS Certification

Sudden cardiac arrest refers to a condition when the heartbeat of a person stops immediately. About 3.5 lacs of cardiac arrest incidents take place in the workplace or outside of a medical facility in the United States. Another aspect to worry about is that more than half of cardiac arrest patients do not receive basic life support or BLS before the arrival of the ambulance.

When bystanders perform basic life support within the initial few minutes of your cardiac arrest, it will double the chance to survive of a person. In other words, individuals with BLS Certification helps in saving the life of SCA victims largely.

Getting Certification Online is Easy 

Whether you want basic life support or cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification, you may easily get it online. You only need a mobile phone to acquire online CPR Certification rather than attending regular classes. The best thing is that other than courses, you get a chance to interact with instructors via email or video chat.

Contents of CPR Certification

Instruction materials and content for online CPR Classes followed by Certification consist of interactive lessons or modules. Besides, the order of courses will be according to your choice. However, the American Heart Association mandates to include the following aspects in the online CPR program.


Written content

A downloadable manual for students

Instruction-based videos

Interactive prompts to make sure you have understood the study materials present in each of the lessons

Practice questions after every lesson or module

CPR examination after the completion of lessons

Depending on your choice, you may complete each of the modules at one time or take time for reviewing the modules and materials you need. Only, you have to search for CPR Classes Near Me to undergo online programs on cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Many accredited institutes provide video-based instructions for candidates attending online or virtual classes. Videos make sure that content remains unique for every individual.

Other than that, institutes accredited under the AHA give hands-on opportunities to apply First Aid Kit skills on manikins. In this way, medical professionals may complete their certifications develop a strong base for further programs, like PALS and ACLS. A few online programs offer a blended learning model that consists of in-person simulation type of instructions with online programs.

Flexibility in CPR Program

Do you have family responsibilities and/or a full-time job? If yes, you may try the online BLS program for flexibility in terms of learning. With an online certification in basic life support, you do not need to bother about attending classes at a particular time. Whether you choose to complete your program late at night or before going to work in the morning, you may access your training materials based on your selected schedule.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation provides a lifesaving technique for heartbeat failure and other cardiac emergencies. With CPR, blood flows consistently to the human brain and other essential organs until the arrival of emergency medical services for providing medical care.


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