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Courses and Benefits of PALS Certification Online by the AHA

For a long time, reputed institutes accredited with the American Heart Association BLS have organized a PALS program for healthcare professionals, who respond to children and infants’ emergencies. These are experts in emergency medicine, emergency response, critical care, and intensive care units. Moreover, the PALS AHA program is for paramedics, nurses, physicians, and other professionals who require a completion card of the PALS program to apply in diverse medical sectors. In this blog post, you will know the course format and the benefits associated with the program.


Course Period and Course Format


Initial Course 


An initial course of the PALS Certification needs about 10 and half hours to complete. During this phase, you may practice your skills followed by testing your skills. The period also includes an additional time for one lunch break and 2-3 short breaks.


Classroom-based Program


During your program, an AHA PALS instructor will conduct a few video-based lessons. Simultaneously, the instructor will work with candidates to complete their practice and tests related to advanced skills. Furthermore, every student will get 2 manikins to practice under the guidance of an AHA instructor.


Renewal Program 


Candidates who want to acquire certification in Pediatric Advanced Life Support should keep in mind that the program remains valid for a maximum of 2 years. Hence, to stay updated with the latest trends, you should renew your program based on the following-



Updated program without any optional station


The course duration is 6 hours and 20 minutes, where you get additional time for lunch and short breaks


Updated program with every optional station


The duration of the course is 8 hours and 20 minutes with additional periods for lunch and short breaks.


Why Online PALS Classes are Recommendable


Flexible Schedule to Attend Classes


Individuals in medical and/or healthcare professions hardly get spare time for attending classes. Many times, they study and work with patients. However, when you schedule in-person courses associated with the ACLS Certification, your instructor will allot a particular date and time for attending classes. In other words, online classes let you tailor the course dates and timings to match your schedule.




Give You a Valid Completion Card


If you are more than 18 years, you may be a part of the online BLS Certification program. After you complete your program, you will get a valid program completion card, as it remains valid for a maximum of 2 years. Later, you have to apply for the renewal course, which reputed institutes conduct online as well.



Offer Blended Learning


Depending on the institute you choose for Pediatric Advanced Life Support Near Me, you may get blended learning sessions. Accordingly, you may get hands-on experience with the option of in-person classes or sessions. In-person skill sessions play a major role to clear your doubts after the completion of the online PALS program.




PALS Program is mandatory for every type of healthcare provider who handles respiratory problems, cardiovascular emergencies, choking, and breathing shortness in infants and small children. If you are a healthcare expert working in a medical facility but want to pursue a PALS program, you may do it online comfortably from your home and in your chosen schedule.



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