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Why Athletes Should Include a Complementary IV Hydration Therapy in Regular Training to Improve Performance

Are you a sportsperson who wants to make a new record in your favorite game? If yes, you have to do intensive exercises to prepare for delivering your best performance. However, the intensive practice may sometimes cause loss of fluids and essential nutrients from the body leading to dehydration. To avoid such situations, you should consider complementary IV Therapy to your regular training routine to improve your performance and achieve faster recovery.

Common Types of Intravenous Therapy

Here, you will know hydration and energy booster types of IV drips available for the recovery of your performance as an athlete.

Hydration Intravenous Formula

Whether you follow intensive or moderate athletic training, you may undergo IV Hydration Therapy available at Replenish 360. As the name itself states, hydration IV treatment gives you a blend of intravenous fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate your body immediately.

Intravenous Fluids 

Many athletes from the United States usually look for IV Therapy near me to intake IV fluids. These fluids contain sterile saline solutions and they hydrate your body. Moreover, the fluids deliver the essential nutrients, including different types of vitamins directly into the bloodstream to make sure of 100 percent absorption.


Electrolytes refer to a combination of vital minerals intended to promote the right muscle functions. They also regulate your blood pH balance, give support to healthy nerve functions and repair damaged tissues and/or cells. If you want to get IV electrolytes before your local match or national tournament at an affordable rate, you may even approach the experts of Coachella IV Drips. The best thing is that you may undergo intravenous therapy while attending your favorite music festival and get discounts on your chosen IV fluids package.

 Energy Booster Intravenous Therapy 

 Energy booster Intravenous Drip Hydration also consists of a combination of electrolytes, IV fluids, and vitamins. However, the combination targets the metabolism of athletes to boost their energy levels and take their regular exercise to an improved level. Accordingly, the package has a few additional contents with electrolytes and IV fluids, which include the following-

 Vitamins B-Complex 

 B-complex vitamins consist of a family of essential B vitamins to perform diverse roles in the human body. These include metabolic support, production of energy, cardiovascular support, and many more.

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin C is a type of antioxidant vitamin and it supports bone strength and muscle growth. Recognized as Ascorbic Acid, it also removes free radicals, manages circulatory functions, and supports wound healing and cell repair.

 How IV Hydration Therapy and Energy Booster IV Benefit Athletes 

 Promotes the consumption of energy efficiently

Performs protein synthesis to support muscle repair and muscle growth

Provides support to metabolism

Reduces muscle soreness and muscle aches

Reduces muscle cramps

Improves your muscle tone and muscle strength

Improves the repair of body cells

Reduces the body’s oxidative stress


 IV Infusion Therapy works immediately to replenish the electrolyte levels in your body. It also restores fluids and vitamins lost during an exercise session in less time. The logic here is IV fluids go directly into the bloodstream to allow the immediate absorption of signature hydration or nutritional IV formula of Replenish 360. Therefore, your body cells get instant access to not only hydration but also vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other vital nutrients.


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