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How IV Therapy for Athlete Recovery Gives Competitive Edge to Athletes 


Gone are those days, when intravenous therapy was for sick people in hospitals. Instead, IV Hydration Therapy has become essential for every individual who wants to rehydrate the body after an intense workout session. Athletes and other individuals associated with the sports industry often undergo intravenous procedures before their performance in tournaments.

On the other side, reputed IV clinics, including Replenish 360 create a tailored and hydrated IV plan based on fluid/water loss and salt/sodium loss suffered by an athlete. The plan has a vital role to improve attention spans, recovery period of one’s cardiac rate, and boosting anaerobic power.

Detailed Study of Components in IV Hydration Therapy 

IV Fluids 

IV fluids comprise saline solutions in sterile form. These fluids hydrate the body and supply the vital nutrients directly to the veins following your bloodstream. Unlike oral supplements, human bodies absorb 100 percent of intravenous fluids to achieve fast recovery. If you want to recover from muscle cramps or fatigue after exercise, search for Myers Cocktail to get immediate results.

Vitamin C

According to healthcare professionals of IV Therapy Vitamins, Vitamin C categorizes as an antioxidant type of vitamin and it is Ascorbic Acid. Indeed, the vitamin promotes various circulatory functions, and muscular growth, and encourages the healing of wounds. Vitamin C also improves your bone strength, expels free radicals, and allows the repairing of damaged or affected cells.


Magnesium is a vital mineral to give support to muscle and nerve functions. It also improves cardiovascular health and promotes the production of protein.

Glutathione Push

Glutathione push belongs to the category of hyper dose. It consists of many strong antioxidants to eliminate free radicals while doing exercise naturally. The content may reduce oxidative stress to let you get quick recovery even after you perform strenuous physical exercise.

 Study on Energy Booster Intravenous Therapy for Athletes 

Many athletes search for energy boost IV Drip Near Me to fight lethargy, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, and low energy levels. The intravenous drips in this case boost your energy levels, replenish the loss of fluids, improve your muscle health and increase your physical performance. Energy booster intravenous treatment by Drip Hydration has the following additional components-

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has a crucial role to synthesize red blood corpuscles and other new cells. It mainly repairs and replaces damaged cells whenever your body forms new tissues.


Taurine belongs to the category of amino acids. It improves your performance in exercise and retains muscle health. It also increases fat burning, reduces tiredness or fatigue, and prevents muscle damage.


L-Carnitine works to prevent cellular damage and recovers your body from physical exercise. It transports fatty acids to the cells’ powerhouse mitochondria and allows smooth oxygen supply to muscles.


IV Infusion Therapy replenishes, refreshes, and rehydrates athletes and fitness freaks after they perform intense exercise or physical activity. These recovery and performance booster fluids even allow quick muscle recovery and restored the levels of water and electrolytes in the body. Therefore, if you are an athlete who wants to give an extra edge on your competitor, try intravenous therapy for hydration and energy boost today.

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