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Compulsory Requirements to Fulfill to Acquire CNA Program in Calexico and its Certification


Certified nursing assistants are healthcare experts responsible to assist licensed and registered nurses in a hospital or related medical facilities. These experts meet diverse responsibilities, like helping patients to dress, bathe, and conduct their daily activities. If you want to work as a CNA, you should complete your CNA Program in Calexico, or any other city approved by the state. The program consists of a combination of classroom instructions and clinical training sessions under the supervision of an LPN. However, you must meet a few compulsory requirements to acquire training and certification to work as a certified nursing assistant.

Age Requirements

Any candidate who wants to undergo nursing assistant training followed by Nursing Assistant Certification in Calexico should be a minimum of 16 years of age. However, there is no maximum age limit for this healthcare-related certification program.

Training Requirements

Any person looking for certification in the nursing assistant program should complete classroom training for a minimum of 60 hours. Simultaneously, he/she must dedicate additional 100 hours to undergoing supervised clinical training. The training often occurs in a medical school or healthcare facility approved by California. Moreover, if you want flexibility in your certification program, you should search for reputed institutes offering classroom training sessions in online formats.

Depending on your chosen institute, you may get an exception in the classroom and clinical training provided you show proof of your equivalent training in another medical-related setting or sector. For instance, if you already possess healthcare training in your existing job, you may utilize your training hours to move ahead for completing your certification. Good institutes also consider your partial training as a licensed practical nurse and military training to nursing assistant training followed by its certification. However, you should get recent pay in your healthcare field.

Duration and Cost Requirements

Many programs associated with Nursing Assistant Certification in Calexico are from 10 weeks to 15 weeks. However, a few schools and vocational colleges conduct interviews with applicants. Simultaneously, applicants provide a few latest proofs for their verification process. These include the latest immunizations, current certification in CPR, negative TB tests, and many more. Other than that, the cost of any CNA program ranges between $500 and $1500 approximately. However, candidates have to bear a few additional costs, like uniforms, classroom fees, and textbooks.

Requirements related to the Certification Test

The certification for CNA Program in Calexico consists of two components, which are a written examination and a clinical skill examination. Every candidate must complete apply and pass both components of the certification test within two years of accomplishing their training programs. In the case a candidate fails to do so, he/she has to undergo training for the second time. Applicants may get three attempts to apply and pass the certification test in two years.

Validation of the Certification Program

The certification you get after completing your nursing assistant program remains valid for a maximum of 2 years. Later, you should renew your certification to continue working as a certified nursing assistant in the healthcare sector.


Certified nursing assistants are eligible to serve different designations in diverse healthcare facilities. If you want to become a nursing assistant, you should meet a few compulsory requirements to acquire training from a reputed institute in California.


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