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How fly screens are attached to doors and windows in the UAE

After being used for more than three decades, the fly and mosquito screens in UAE have undergone an upgrade. The UAE fly net screen companies have recently launched modern insect screens in the major cities i.e., Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are used not just for protection from bugs and flying insects but also for providing overall security from unwanted intruders. It is also important to know that how these modern safety screens are different from the ordinary fibreglass screens and how they are attached to the doors and windows in UAE homes.

Each modern safety screen is built with high-quality stainless-steel mesh and enclosed within an aluminium frame. These aluminium frames are available in different colour which can be chosen according to the existing colours of the walls of the home. These modern safety screens come in different designs so they can be attached to different doors and window styles of Dubai homes.

The modern safety screens can be attached with the French style doors, hinged style doors, sliding insect screen doors, and various window types. Depending upon the type of doors and windows the villa has, the fly screen door Abu Dhabi company officials will attach the fly net screens securely into the structure of the villa. There are also different types of insect screens at different price points. For example, a hinged door can be fitted with a hinged security door or a single pleated screen. Let’s discuss briefly how the fly screens are attached to each type of door.

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Hinged Doors

Mostly a single sliding pleated screen is a perfect solution for hinged doors. This single pleated screen is enclosed within the aluminium frame, which is installed unobtrusively in the existing door jamb. When the pleated screen is not in use, it can be folded to one side of the frame. To make the screen in use it is slide across the width of the door where it is secured with the use of a magnet.

French Doors

The French double-leaf doors are quite common in not just Dubai homes but also in restaurants, hotels, and other public places. For French doors, the use of a double sliding pleated screen is recommended. A double sliding pleated screen uses two panels of mesh and each is kept on the opposite side of the aluminium frame. For using the screen, the mesh is pulled out of each side and is attached in the middle with the help of a magnet. These screens can be used for providing complete protection from bugs, without hindering the ventilation and outer view.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are also quite common in the homes of Dubai. In sliding doors, a single panel of pleated screen is used and it is placed on the opposite side of the glass of the sliding door so that it remains out of the way when not in use.

If you don’t want to use the pleated screens, normal screens are also available which are sturdy and long-lasting. They are attached just like the normal doors and windows but on the opposite sides of the existing doors and windows.


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