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How To Identify The Quality Of Artificial Flowers – ArtificialMerch

You must have seen the word “luxury artificial flower”  somewhere and get really confused. Aren’t artificial flowers all dirt cheap pipeline products? Well, actually the industry has moved on from that a long time ago. Instead of producing low-cost supplies for home stores and sample rooms, the industry now tends to manufacture precision-made and high quality artificial floral arrangements for family use and fashion design. So how could you tell if the fake bouquet in front of you is a work of high quality or just another piece of cheap plastic wrap? That’s what we’re about to find out today.

You can tell it’s good fake when you can barely tell it’s fake

The current trend of producing artificial flowers is to simulate real flowers as much as possible. The looking, the touching and the smelling. To achieve a realism to the greatest extend, there are certain demand in material choosing and the process of crafting. We’ll get those things figured out one by one.



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The material

Currently the three most commonly used materials for artificial flowers are plastic, PU and silk. Plastic artificial flower is known for its horrible look and feel. The material is capable of mass-production by machinery and thus reduces the cost greatly. But due to the very limited number of modes and the shortened production time, artificial flowers produced using this material are almost all the same, normally with poor quality.

 Artificial flowers made of thermoplastic polymer (PU) are better in looking and touching. But they fade easily and are not cleanable, having a relatively short lifespan.

At present, almost all high-end artificial flowers are made of silk and applied with a lot other processes. This material enable the artificial flowers to be shapable, non-fading and durable. The meaning of fake flowers is to literally preserve the perfect moment of a short-lifespan natural flower. And silk flowers have done the job greatly so far. Be bathing the silk flower in latex or other thermoplastic material, it can even mimic the touch of real flowers.

The production process

A feature of high-quality artificial flowers is that they are handcrafted in certain segments of processing. The shaping could be done by a machine, so is the coloring. But you’ll always need to put your bare hand on it if you want a real looking flower.

How can we identify the quality of an artificial flower in everyday life?

By its looking

A good artificial flower is far better than a low-quality artificial flower in the processing of details. Take a close look at a real touch flower  and you’ll find almost all petals and leaves of it are unique. Btw, to mimic the appearance of a natural floral, the petals and leaves of the artificial flower need to be curled and finely textured. That’s not something every fake flower can achieve.

By its feeling

Tactility matters. The tactility of high-end artificial flowers is similar to that of fresh flowers, with a sense of precipitation and weight. The petals and leaves should have a bumpy feeling to the touch. While the feeling of poor-quality artificial flowers is light, and most of them have no bumpy feeling.

By its smelling

Simulating the smelling of a real flower is extremely hard, but you can tell if a fake flower is finely glued by its smell. If it smells really pungent, then it’s better you leave it away.

The stem matters

We might be easily distracted by the flower head and never get to look closely at its stem. But the manufacturing process of a flower stem is a lot more complicated than we think. A high-quality artificial flower rod is made of iron wire cloth and covered with a rubber tube and hose, to protect the iron wire from rusting. The hose has elasticity and mimics the real touch of a stem. More importantly, the hose can be colored, making it a lot more more visually realistic.

So the next time you want to shop some fancy floral arrangements for your house, remember to look at them closer and find the real good stuff. Here at artificialmerch, you’re welcome to look as closely as you want. Don’t hesitate to give your first try!

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