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Advantages and disadvantages of using insect nets in Dubai


Fear of mosquitos and other bugs’ infestation in Dubai has turned the residents here to install insect nets at their homes. The presence of insect barriers in the form of mosquito net windows and doors has become an essential commodity in every Dubai home. However, the insect screen plays an important role in keeping unwanted intruders out of the house, but just like every other means, they have their advantages and disadvantages.

First, let’s discuss the advantages because there are many!

Advantages of insect nets 

Protection against insects: The major reason for installing mosquito nets at home is to keep unwanted bugs, flies, mosquitos, and insects out of the house. When the doors and windows have insect nets or fly screens installed on them, there are minimal chances of flies and mosquitoes entering the house. Mosquitoes and flies not only bring filth inside the home but they are also a carrier of various deadly diseases. Therefore, these insect screens are quite helpful in keeping them away and provide complete protection against them.  

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Energy efficiency: Installing mosquito nets on your doors and windows can let you enjoy a breezy night without the use of an air conditioner. The modern mosquito nets manufactured by Mosquito screen Dubai companies are one hundred percent efficient in restricting the entry of bugs but they are also capable of allowing proper ventilation so that the residents inside can enjoy sleeping with fresh air without the use of AC. This will save electricity and your money in the long run.

Adding style: The mosquito screen Dubai companies have now introduced modern insect screens and mosquito nets which not only provide protection from bugs but also adds a contemporary look to your home décor. The modern mosquito nets are available in different coloured frames which can be easily matched with the existing home door and window frames. 

Long term usability: The modern insect nets which are now available in Dubai are not those conventional cheap fiberglass mesh screens that were prevalent for many years. These are modern screens made from stainless-steel mesh or PVC coated polyester and enclosed with aluminium frames. These modern insect nets available in Dubai are so sturdy that they come with 10 years warranty. They are meant to last very and provide long-term protection.

Disadvantages of insect nets

Despite so many advantages of installing a mosquito net on your home, if it is unable to serve its purpose of protection from bugs and insects then it is a useless installation and this can be a major disadvantage. We find that many fiberglass net screens simply tear in the extreme UAE heat and simply don’t last. We normally don’t recommend these types of net insect screens. The conventional mosquito nets can also be distorted or can have broken ends, which can be dangerous for kids and pets, it might hurt them.

The ultimate aim of insect screens is to provide protection. We all should know that the modern mosquito net windows and doors are made of stainless-steel mesh, unlike the old flimsy fiberglass which break easily and need to be replaced often. The fly screen door Dubai companies that are into manufacturing these safety screens are also using the stainless-steel material for manufacturing them so you know they’re designed to last.


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