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Objectives and Benefits to Acquire CPR and BLS Certifications in Highlands CA


Basic Life Support consists of caring for any injured individual or a person, who has any type of life-threatening illness until and unless they admit at a hospital for complete medical care. Good institutes, like for instance PDRE organize BLS Certification in Highlands CA according to the guidelines of the American Heart Association.

The certification program is not only helpful for medical personnel but also for other professionals, like paramedics, firefighters, EMTs and similar others. Besides, individuals who want to acquire knowledge and skills related to cardiovascular life support basics may undergo BLS or CPR Certification in Highlands CA.

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Objectives of BLS and CPR Certifications in Highlands CA

Faculty members of PDRE regularly organize BLS and CPR Certification in Highlands CA to let you understand the significance of out of hospital and in hospital cardiac arrests along with the respective survival chains. Accordingly, the course contents of BLS in Highlands CA include the following-

·        To trigger and identify the application of an emergency response device

·        To perform high quality of CPR for adults, children, and infants

·        The survival chain according to different BLS components

·        Strong emphasis on compression of chest based on maintaining chest compression rate and depth

·        To perform chest recoil and to reduce interruptions in the compression of chest

·        Conditions to select between CPR and shock at first

·        Significance of using AED as early as possible

·        Ventilation at the time of CPR with the application of advanced airways for every age group

·        Successful resuscitation to avoid choking in adults and infants

·        Application of a barrier device and a bag-valve mask to perform ventilation effectively

Benefits of CPR and BLS in Highlands CA Programs

Always Let You to Stay Prepared

Staying prepared always is a prime benefit associated with attending BLS and CPR Classes in Highlands CA. People, who have knowledge of basic life support, have the necessary skills to take immediate action depending on the requirements. In other words, with the certification, you always stay prepared to help your friends, family members and relatives by providing them the necessary assistance.

You save the life of others while going for a vacation or buying anything in a grocery store i.e. whenever any emergency arises. With online training, you become competent enough to handle diverse situations, which may be head injury, choking, or helping anyone with stroke.

Boost Your Level of Confidence

Confidence plays a major role while working in specific professions, especially in the medical profession. This is especially essential while dealing with emergencies, which need CPR and other related life-saving actions. BLS Certification in Highlands CA training program hives the required confidence to act in no time whenever it is essential. It reduces the extent of hesitation, which may feel. Moreover, if you want to enhance your knowledge and skills, you may even undergo advanced programs, like ACLS in Highlands CA and other nearby area. Alternatively, if you want to handle emergencies in children and infants, you may pursue PALS Online in Highlands CA. 


Based on the course contents and benefits of the BLS program, we can say that it helps participants to handle and recognize many life-threatening emergencies. Simultaneously, the program lets candidates use AED in the right way and impart a top quality of chest compressions. With the certification, you make sure to continue flowing blood until a patient is admitted to a hospital. Therefore, BLS improves the survival rate of patients, who suffer from cardiac emergencies.

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