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Eligibility Criteria and Skills to Pursue CNA Program from Nursing Assistant School in Coachella CA

If you want to explore your career as a certified nursing assistant, you only have to search for CNA Programs Near Me Coachella, CA on Google. However, before this, you have to know the essential qualities, skills, and eligibility criteria required to undergo CNA certification from a reputed institute.


Eligibility Criteria for Age Limit and Fees


  • Candidates must be a minimum of 16 years of age to get admission to a reputed Nursing Assistant School in Coachella CA.
  • While submitting the nursing academy application one has to complete his/her registration by paying a nonrefundable $100 fee via the online registration process.
  • SoC will allow payment via credit card, valid check, cash, or in-person.


Eligibility Criteria According to the International or USA-based High School/College Diploma program


Certifications Required


Candidates who want to pursue a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Program Coachella, CA from the reputed Social Californian Nursing Academy must possess a certificate of GED I.e. General Education Development Certificate, High School Diploma, or any other equivalent certificate. Alternatively, the institute will welcome candidates with the Ability to Train Certificate or any Diploma Equivalent Certificate sanctioned by the state of California.




Individuals willing to undergo a Nurse Assistant Training Program (NATP) in Coachella, CA must show their original school or college transcripts to accept the course program formally. Your official transcripts should be indifferent sealed envelopes and your school or college should mail them directly to the institute. Under certain situations, SoC may initially accept the photocopies and personal copies of the candidates. However, you have to provide the transcripts and certificates before the commencement of the program.


Conditions when Certificates and Transcripts from Foreign Schools


You may provide each of the mentioned certifications and transcripts from a foreign school as well. However, in this case, your degree and certification should be equivalent to a high school diploma program in the United States.


Note- An appropriate and independent authorized educational credentials and evaluation service of the United States approved by SoC Nursing Academy will interpret your official transcripts, high school or college diplomas, and other credentials related to education.


Skills Needed to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

Stay Calm


When you choose to work in the healthcare or medical sector, you have to deal with various physical and mental challenges. You have to carry out the duties by staying calm. In most cases, the healing process of any patient is somewhat frustrating. However, if you work as a CNA or want to pursue a CNA Program in Coachella, CA, you have to stay calm while working with fellow workers, doctors, and patients. Simultaneously, you must make sure to assist patients in completing their daily tasks. An excellent way to practice patience is to search for something positive irrespective of your underlying situation.


Stay Empathetic


Staying empathetic to patients is an important skill of a nursing assistant. Certified Nursing Assistants must be kind, compassionate, and polite to resolve the problems of their patients. You must keep in mind that kindness and compassion create a difference in the patient as caring for their physical requirements. Empathy even allows a nursing assistant to set up his or her connections and give a safe environment for the patients. Staying engaged in a conversation and listening are the two excellent and effective ways to express empathy towards patients.


Overall, Certified Nursing Assistant is a trustworthy profession related to healthcare. Such people work round the clock to change and cure the lives of individuals. People belonging to this profession give their heart and soul to deliver their work to make the profession a hospitable one.


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