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Benefits of aluminium over wood timber pergolas

Timber has been used for many years for creating outdoor structures like pergolas, decks, archways, gazebos, etc but it has also been reported that it does not last very long and starts deteriorating in the harsh Dubai sun. Moreover, if anyone wishes to still use a timber structures, it will require a lot of maintenance, or else they will become obsolete in a few years. Also, it may become hazardous if exposed to rain and moisture as the wood will rot and lose its strength.

To overcome this problem the pergola UAE companies have proposed a permanent solution and that is Aluminium pergolas. The Aluminium pergola is the latest choice of the pergola manufacturers as well as new builders and contractors. The aluminium pergola Dubai is the perfect alternative for timber pergolas as they are trendy, eco-friendly, and resistant to the harsh UAE environment.

Many villas in Dubai have been using timber pergolas for extension of their outdoor living area. No doubt timber looks very stylish and elegant but when it comes to withstanding the harsh Dubai weather, it is certainly a bad choice.

There are many other properties of aluminium pergolas which make them superior to timber pergolas, and below are the reasons why they have replaced the timber pergolas in a very short period.

Low maintenance: The major advantage of using the aluminium pergolas is that very little or no maintenance is required to keep the pergolas intact. This is not possible with conventional timber pergolas. Once you have installed the aluminium pergolas, you can sit back and relax for at least up to 10 years.

Extended warranty and services: The aluminium used in the aluminium pergola Dubai is a high-grade metal of German standards. They are powder coated for corrosion-resistant properties. They come with a warranty of 10 years so they provide long-lasting services.

Corrosion-resistant joints: The modern aluminium pergolas are powder coated which provides them a protective layer that prevents corrosion and rusting. On the other hand, the timber pergolas have joints made up of iron that’s why they are more susceptible to rusting and decaying. The joints in aluminium pergolas are stronger and safer than timber pergolas because they are absolutely rust-proof.

Trendy Designs: The modern aluminium pergolas are strong and durable, but that doesn’t mean there has to compromise with their appearance or designs. Numerous trendy designs and colour options are available with the aluminium pergolas. The customers can choose according to the look which they want to give to their outdoor area.

Economical in the long run: When you get these aluminium pergolas installed in your outdoor area, you might find them a bit costlier than the wooden pergolas, but when long term cost is calculated including maintenance cost, we will find that the aluminium pergolas are more economical than the timber pergolas as they need the least maintenance.

If you are planning the installation of pergolas or replacing the old pergolas with new ones, this is the right time to invest in the right product.

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