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What design factors make a great aluminium pergola in Dubai

Pergolas are architectural constructions made out of either wood or metal which are installed generally to extend outdoor living areas. In Dubai, pergolas are found commonly because people here want to spend time outside without the effect of the sun. They simply act as a shaded area or sometimes, when there are accessories attached to it or they have some complex framework, they act as a perfect living space or dining area.

The entire structure of a pergola normally consists of four columns which support a latticework constructed of beams, stringers, and rafters. The modern pergolas are made of different materials like wood plastic, PVC, aluminium, steel or wood. The pergola UAE companies have been using wooden material for many decades for constructing pergolas but wooden pergolas require a lot of maintenance. Pergolas made out of the newer materials such as aluminium or wood plastic require very little or no maintenance. There are more pergola designs Dubai options when they are made of aluminium or material other than wood.

There are many different design factors that make a great aluminium pergola in Dubai and a few of these are discussed below.

Pergola Columns

Pergolas often include four columns if they are of free-standing style or at least two columns if they are attached to walls. The columns are the supportive structures for the beam which runs across the width of the pergolas. The number of columns can be more than four if the width and size of the pergola are huge. Because the aluminium pergolas are trending in Dubai, the aluminium pergola Dubai companies are offering a wide variety of styles from classic to modern columns to choose from and perfectly complement the pergola designs.

Pergola Beams

The beams are supported by the columns and run across the width of the pergolas for supporting the stringers and rafters. Two beams will be used if it’s a free-standing pergola, while one beam and ledger board will be used if it’s an attached pergola. The edges of the beams can be decorated according to the style and colour of the house or the office. Various customised edge designs are available for making the pergolas stylish and attractive.


Pergolas Ledger board

Ledger board is used along with the beams if it’s an attached pergola. The ledger board is fixed to the wall instead of a beam if it would have been a free-standing structure. It performs the same function as that of a beam. It is also available in different styles and forms to increase the aesthetics of the pergolas.

Rafters and stringers

The rafters and stringers are installed across the beams. While the rafters run perpendicular to the beams and are installed below the stringers, the stringers run parallel to the beams and perpendicular to the rafters.

The rafters may be conventional or angled for creating desired looks for the pergolas. There is some pergola’s structure that may forego the stringers but if they are installed, it provides more shade. When there is angle rafters on a pergola these are commonly referred to as louvers and are the most common form of roof found in Dubai pergola designs.


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