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Why Individuals Should Undergo IV Hydration Therapy than Oral Hydration Treatment


Whenever individuals experience dehydration, they choose the common remedy of consuming water and related sports drinks filled with electrolytes. However, if an individual has a moderate or severe form of dehydration, the condition causes a person to suffer shock or seizures. In this situation, doctors recommend IV Hydration Therapy to treat moderate and severe cases related to dehydration.

What is Hydration Therapy?

Hydration therapy or IV therapy consists of inserting an intravenous line in the vein of a patient’s arm. Doing so will administer fluids filled with electrolytes, like B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sulfate, and others. The combination of fluids refers to IV drips and they depend on many factors. These are age, current medical conditions, medical history, and dehydration severity.

Why Intravenous Treatment is Recommendable 

Works at a Fast Rate 

When individuals intake water and other fluids orally, fluids consume time to enter the gastrointestinal tract. Indeed, fluids may work to give results after a long time. In contrast, hydration infusion inserts directly in the vein of patients.

Hence, the solution enters straight and directly into the bloodstream. If you need fast absorption of electrolytes and/or water, you must search for IV Therapy near Me. Doing so will let you undergo intravenous treatment from Replenish 360.

Customization is Available for Patients

Experts of Coachella IV Hydration conduct a preliminary discussion to collect the details of patients. These include the weight, height, gender, existing medical conditions, medical history, and severity associated with dehydration before your hydration therapy. Accordingly, they decide the types of fluids that work well for you. In other words, experts create a customized solution designed to target your physical requirements.

Involves Less Recovery Time

The electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients present in Coachella IV drips enter directly into the bloodstream in no time. Hydration therapy thus lets you feel better in less time than when you intake anything orally. Less recovery period is crucial for individuals with life-threatening symptoms.

Detoxifies the System

Immediate hydration improves the supply of blood to many vital organs, like your kidneys and livers. Indeed, your body flushes out toxins present in your body efficiently.

Eases on the Digestive System

A patient with severe cases related to dehydration often attempts to intake fluids in a relatively high amount. Doing so will overload the digestive system and it flushes out whatever he drinks without actually absorbing the essential nutrients need for the recovery.

Treatment Involves a Slight Pinch Only

Many people hesitate to undergo intravenous therapy, as they perceive that the treatment is painful. However, the IV Therapy procedure involves the feeling of a slight pinch when the healthcare expert pricks the needle in your skin. Even a few patients undergoing IV hydration reported no or little pain.

If this is not enough, you may take a power nap or browse various social media platforms on your underway infusion. Replenish 360 has experienced and licensed medical professionals to give you a sanitary and comfortable experience.

Therefore, with hydration therapy, replenish your body and mind while restoring your best self.

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