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Top 4 Reasons to Prove that IV Hydration Therapy is Better than Oral Medications

Many years ago, doctors use intravenous treatments during surgeries and C-section delivery of a baby. However, IV Therapy is now useful even outside of hospital settings to provide the essential nutrients, medications, and fluids. Intravenous therapy fulfills the nutritional requirements of your body whenever it needs them urgently, which you cannot expect to get from oral intake of water and fluids. In this blog post, you will know intravenous therapy and its benefits for dehydrated individuals.

What is Intravenous Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration involves direct administration of the essential fluids into the patient’s vein by using a small tube referred to as a catheter. The therapy quickly supplies the following in your body in no time-

·        Hydration with the help of saline

·        Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, and other essential vitamins

·        Depending on your underlying health problem, doctors may transfer various medications via the intravenous line

An interesting aspect is that IV therapy needs a combination of a needle and a quick stick so that the catheter may access your veins.

How IV Therapy is Better than Oral Treatment

Allows Speedy Delivery

Intravenous therapy offered at Hydrate IV or any other clinic administers fluid and medication directly into the veins. Hence, the fluids start circulating in the patient’s bloodstream in no time. In contrast, oral supplements have to travel from your digestive system to perform their functions. In simple words, oral medicines admit the long route and may diminish the exact quality of nutrients you receive in your body.

Eliminates the Need for Swallowing Pills

People often face difficulty in swallowing oral pills. Furthermore, a few of the supplements come in difficult to swallow and large tablets. If you are the one, who dislikes or tries to avoid taking oral medicines/supplements, you should look for IV therapy near me. Doing so will get the names of many reputed IV clinics operating in your area to eliminate your issue and get vital nutrients required by your body.

Prevents the Side Effects of Oral Supplements

Oral supplements refer to substances intake via the mouth and they have to travel from your digestive system. These supplements or medications are available in different forms, like tablets, liquids, capsules, and chewable tablets. Some supplements and medications irritate different parts of the patient’s digestive tract. For instance, a few vitamins aggravate the problem of acid reflux and other supplements cause an upset stomach. Stomach lining irritation is a common side effect related to any oral delivery method. Luckily, IV therapy will bypass your digestive system and prevent you to worry about your stomach lining irritation.

Availability of Customized Therapies

Doctors may offer customized Myers Cocktail or nutrition therapy to patients for addressing their health requirements. The experts tailor every blend of intravenous treatment to form the appropriate combination of fluids, nutrients, and medications. However, your treatment depends on the condition you have to address and your health-related goals.

Therefore, intravenous therapy may be an effective solution for all, who need hydration, medications, and vital nutrients in a relatively less period.

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