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The value of using a security screen on your Dubai villa

Having a home in Dubai means the infrastructure in and around your villa will be prone to the extreme UAE weather. Therefore, it is important to use such materials and build them in such a way that they can withstand the extreme conditions. Some basic chattels are a must in Dubai homes dues to its environment and a mosquito net for windows and fly screens doors are a few to listWhenever there is new construction in Dubai, there is a need for security screens on the doors and windows of the building or villa to keep the unwanted bugs, insects, and mosquitoes out. Therefore, security screens hold utmost value in every Dubai villa which you will find around.

Although the use of safety screens is not new in Dubai villas, it has been updated from time to time to make it better and long-lasting. The latest iteration of the mosquito net Dubai is the introduction of the new stainless-steel mesh for Mosquito net for windows and fly screens doors, that is manufactured using the patent construction technology from Australia and is designed especially specifically to withstand the harsh weather of Dubai. The idea behind introducing the modern stainless-steel mesh is to replace the old flimsy screens which were unable to withstand the harsh Dubai weather, are difficult to repair, and need to be replaced often.


The modern stainless-steel mesh which is being used by the Fly screen Dubai and Mosquito net Dubai companies is not only long-lasting but it has numerous applications. This stainless-steel mesh can be used for the construction of sliding screen doors, hinged screen doors, French screen doors, and a range of different window types.

Sliding screen doors: These kinds of screen doors are the most popular choice for homes in the UAE for protection and as an insect barrier. The sliding screen doors when constructed with the modern stainless-steel mesh provide a durable and robust solution for security as well as insect protection. They are the best replacement of those flimsy, old fly screens which keep deteriorating every year and need to be repaired or changed. The sliding screen doors are best for places with high traffic like the backyards or entertainment area because they will last for many years.

Hinged screen doors: These types of screen doors offer a high-security level to the home without hindering the clear outdoor view. All the hinged screen doors are equipped with a 3-point lock system which provides extra security. They even come with the option of a pet door for easy cat or dog access.


French screen doors: The French screen doors are perfect for outward and inward opening double doors which maintain a conventional open space that every Dubai homeowner is fond of. The best thing about the French screen doors is that they don’t hinder the outer view and still maintain the toughness of the modern stainless-steel mesh. They are also equipped with a multi-point locking system and offer the highest security level.

Along so many applications the modern stainless-steel mesh screen is available in custom colour frames which match perfectly to your home. All these reasons make the use of modern safety screens a necessity in your villa to provide safety to your family and many years of trouble-free use.


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