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How to use the flat iron

Getting the perfect hair style has as much to do with knowing how to use a flat iron and knowing a few techniques, a couple of tricks, and have a basic understanding of how they work. In this guide on How to use a Flat iron, we throw all of that together to give you specific direction on using your flat iron to whip up salon-quality hair styles at home. Our first recommendation here is to read the guide entitled Choose the Right Flat iron for Your Hair. For further help, follow these tips for eye-catching success.


Beginner tips on how to use a flat iron

To begin with, consider treating your hair with a spray-on heat protector. While this is not essential, many salon professionals use them regularly. Since the use of any hot tool on hair does represent the possibility that the hair will be damaged or burned. Once you master how to use a flat iron styling tool,  you may not want to continue to use the protector, but when getting started it gives you the confidence you won’t do anything to ruin your locks.


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The next step is to brush your locks with the brush you normally use. Get out the tangles and brush all your hair down to bring it into line. Use clips to separate out the first one to two inch vertical section to be worked.



Thirdly, with your hair straightening tool set to the right temperature for your hair type, start close to the scalp and slowly move the tool towards the ends of your tresses. Repeat the process until the hair is as straight as you want it to be. Move from section to section, all the way around your head, until all your hair falls straight down.


The final step is to craft the details and nuances you want, in order to create the perfect look. If the style is basically straight, consider tucking under the ends, or for something more frolicsome, turn them outward and upward. If you want a curly look all over, start straight and add in curls using your flat iron. Choose flips, twists, and waves, too. Practice your technique and create a wide variety of options you can use depending on the day’s activities.


Tips on how to use a flat iron from the experts

Buy a lighter flat iron that has an ergonomic design that makes it easier for you to use

Choose a flat iron based on your hair type

Check the heat distribution of the hair while you are styling

Try not to use a flat iron with a low temperature because your style will not last through the day

As you can see, learning how to use a flat iron is just as important as buying the correct one for your hair type!

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