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How mosquito nets help get a perfect night’s sleep

According to the studies, mosquito bites at night, during our sleep are the main cause of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. The best means to prevent mosquito bites and mosquito-borne ailments is to make use of mosquito nets. In Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE, the climate is very hot and humid and that provides ideal conditions for the breeding and multiplication of mosquitoes. This is the reason mosquito net for doors and mosquito nets for bedrooms are suggested for every home across the UAE. While the mosquito nets for bedrooms is a must for a perfect night sleep, mosquito nets for doors and windows have many other advantages.

Mosquito nets for bedrooms are fine nets that are available in different sizes and are hung over the bed for creating a mosquito-free zone on your bed for a peaceful night’s sleep. On the other hand, the mosquito net for doors is a sturdy net made of a tough material like stainless steel of polyester, installed at the doors, windows, and other openings of homes for preventing mosquitoes, flies, insects and rodents from entering the home. While the mosquito net for beds restricts entry of mosquitoes only in a small area, the insect screens or mosquito screens for doors have a wider range of applications. This is the reason the mosquito net Abu Dhabi companies have narrated a lot of advantages about having them installed in every home of the UAE.

Not just in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or across the UAE, these mosquito nets are the key tools for preventing mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases from spreading. The modern stainless-steel mesh which is nowadays being installed in most of the houses by mosquito net Abu Dhabi companies is different from the conventional mosquito nets which were in use for many years in the UAE. The modern mosquito nets are now termed ‘safety screens’ or ‘insect screens’.

The insect screen Dubai is a perfect choice for protecting your entire home and your family. These safety screens are made of stainless-steel mesh and are secured within an aluminium frame. These frames are then installed on your doors and windows. No matter which type of door or window you have: sliding, French, hinged doors, these safety screens can be fitted in all types of doors and windows. These robust screens are popular in high-traffic areas too like a backyard or a garden door to create a border and preventing animals and rodents from entering your home. They are a natural replacement for those flimsy fiberglass mosquito screens which have been used till now.

Due to the excessive increase in the number of mosquitoes and insects in the UAE, it is recommended that quality mosquito nets are fitted to every home to prevent insects from entering. Using a mosquito net for bed during the night is just not enough. For a completely peaceful and mosquito-free environment, you need to have safety screens installed at your home.

So, what are you waiting for, go check out the modern mosquito nets today!

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