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Contract Manufacturer In China

Dongguan Sincere Tech is proud to support OEM manufacturer services with plastic or metal product solutions that help companies meet the fast-changing market. That is why we are not onlymaking mold and molded products, but also makeoffer OEM manufacturing service from part design, testing, PCB board, assembly, packing etc. a completely solutions using innovative manufacturing techniques. Sincere Tech wants to partner with you together and make great successful in the world market.

OEM contract manufacturing Services

We have been offering plastic contract manufacturing service since 2014, at the first we make plastic molds for the overseas companies, since some of our customer requirement some assembly service so we opened assembly company in 2018.

What are contract manufacturing services

OEM manufacturing services in the electronical or industry sector that require extensive R&D and large-scale manufacturing facilities. They include contract development research outsourcing and contract manufacturing outsourcing.


·        OEM Contract Manufacturer In China

·        OEM Contract Manufacturer

Contract development outsourcing covers a wide range of services, including the part development process, part design, prototyping, testing, prototyping trial monitoring, commonly known as part development.

Contract manufacturing outsourcingincludes mold design, mold manufacturing, massive production, post manufacturing, assembly and packing, and the custom manufacture PCB or electronical components.

Contract manufacturing China is the full or partial manufacturing of a product by an organization other than the one that owns the rights to sell the product under its own brand name. For example, the company that owns the product may obtain end goods, intermediates or finished goods manufactured by a third company. The third company can be a subsidiary of the company or an independent company in China.


China contract manufacturing services Companies normally do not add their brand name on any place of product and the rights to both the part design and the brand name belong to the originating designer. The OEM Contract manufacturing service requires upfront investment in order to build up the facilities and is capital intensive in nature, thus requiring long-termassured supply OEM manufacturing contracts together.

China is the best OEM contract manufacturing services company in the world

China has strong human resource base includes English-speaking graduates and highly skilled engineers in the world, China has played vital role in developing the contract manufacturing industry which called world manufacturer. These include: fast delivery, low labour cost, high quality, all in one stop service can be handled quickly and fast.

Final summary

Produce your products by an OEM contract manufacturer in China will be the best option, over 60% or companies from the world that produce goods from China what are you waiting for? Find a suitable Chinese OEM contract manufacturer to cooperator and open your market rapidly. Sincere Tech offer OEM contract manufacturing for all of parts that include part design, prototyping, testing, plastics products, metal parts, die casting parts, PCB board, electronic components, assembly, packing, and delivery to your warehouse, contact us to discuss about your new project.



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