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Why Should We Wear EN149 FFP2 Face Mask?

In world today, wearing an EN149 FFP2 face masks are required in the public area that the widespread covid-19 and contamination of the environment are going up. EN149 FFP Mask helps people to fight against the covid-19 virus germs and contamination. Various kinds of face mask respirators are available in the market, such as surgical mask, N95 mask respirator, en149:2001+A1:2009 standard of FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 face mask respirators, of course EN149 ffp2 face mask plays the mean jobs.

People use the face Mask as necessary today; for instance, the doctors, health workers, or the people working for the covid-19 affected people use the N95 masks or PPE masks such as FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 face masks according to EN149:2001+A1:2009. It is noticeable that N95 and en149 FFP2 face mask respirators are the best masks for this purpose. We are a FFP2 mask manufacturer that provides the en149 ffp2 Mask to the world market, shopping mall or government. We are a FFP2 mask wholesaler in China and Europe as well, we can offer en149 FFP2 Masks that delivery from our China factory or our Europe stock immediately.



To keep themselves safe from harmful germs or bacteria, the general people use surgical or medical blue-colored masks. Whatever the widely used Mask in the medical or any sensitive task is the FFP2 face mask.


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The reasons for wearing an en149 ffp2 CE ffp2 mask:


Face Mask respirator protects people from bacteria, harmful particles, or any germs: The pandemic coronavirus spreads from person to person by respiratory droplets that are made at the time of an infected person’s coughing, sneezing, or talking. The face mask respirator can prevent the droplets. The facemasks hinder keeping viruses containing dust, germs, and particles from escaping the infected people.


Face Mask respirator gives the assurance of not being the victim of the virus: 

Commonly, you do not realize about being contagious. At that, the face mask respirators will assure you that you have less possibility of becoming infected, wearing an EN149 FFP2 CE face mask will be better than other single face masks, of course EN149 FFP3 face mask will be even better than FFP2


To lessen the spread of the Coronavirus: 

Coronavirus occurs because of the airborne particles, and it leads people to death. So, the role of the Mask, in this case, is critical. The infected people’s germs and bacteria are the leading cause of spreading this virus. If people get in touch with infected people and are influenced by certain people’s virus germs, they will undoubtedly be victims of the covid-19 virus. Therefore, Mask respirators can only help in this case to solve this complicated problem as FFP2 face Mask has a higher efficiency of filtration that allows the Mask respirator to filter out the harmful particle of the virus. Most of the time, ordinary people can be saved from the virus.


Mask respirators help the people from the contamination of the environment: 

We have many germs and bacteria in our surroundings, but we cannot see them. These kinds of germs are the leading cause of any type of disease. The only masks are materials that help the people to be away from these kinds of germs anyways. The high filtration system blocks the lethal components of the environment.


During this days, maybe every one requires wearing face masks at crowded area, this is better to prevent your family and your friend being effected by the COVID-19, wearing an en149 ffp2 face masks will be one of the best option and this was requirement by the government as well. But today buying and real EN149 ce ffp2 face masks is not easy task, we are and EN149 FFP2 face mask wholesaler in China, and whitelist company in Chinese government, we have partner from Germany and EN149 FFP2 face masks stock in Germany as well.


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