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Why Pergola so Popular in UAE


Pergola is an important part of the garden because it provides shade and protection from direct sunlight. Pergola ideas UAE are specially designed for the desert climate with maximum protection from the sun during summer. The pergola has been used for many years as a shade structure or a shelter for people. In fact, pergola ideas UAE are not limited to the use of tropical climate areas only. Pergola can be used to create a shaded area in any garden or outdoor space.

Why Pergola so Popular in UAE

Here are some reasons why you should consider having a pergola in your garden:

It provides shade and protection from sunburns: The pergola is a fantastic way to provide shade during the hot summer months when you want to relax in your backyard without getting sunburnt or overheated.

It helps protect from rain and wind: Pergolas also provide protection from rain and wind which means that they’re ideal for areas where there’s an increased risk of both such as coastal areas, beaches etc.

They can be used as seating areas: Pergolas are great because they’re usually quite large so they offer plenty of space for people to sit under them if they want to enjoy some fresh air outside at night time or during the day if it’s raining! Plus, if you have outdoor seating nearby then it’ll look.

Pergola Benefits

The main benefit of using a pergola in UAE is that it will provide shade for you during hot summer days. It is also functional as it can be used for seating or even as an additional room for entertaining guests. Pergolas are also great at creating a relaxing ambiance in your backyard, which makes them great for entertaining guests on those hot summer nights.

Types of Pergola in UAE

There are two different styles and types of pergolas that can be customized to meet your needs. Let’s take a look at some of them now:

1.Wooden Pergolas

Wooden pergolas kits are very popular because they not only look good but they’re also very durable and long lasting. They’re easy to maintain and will last you for years without needing any repairs or extra maintenance work done on them.

2. Aluminum Pergolas

Aluminum pergolas  are another popular choice among homeowners because they come with everything needed to build your own pergola right out of the box. These kits can be assembled quickly and easily by anyone who has some basic building experience and tools available in their garage or home workshop.

How to use pergola in UAE

Pergola can be used in many ways, such as a walkway, an entrance to the home, or even just a place to relax. It is a very versatile structure that can be made out of a variety of materials including wood, metal and vinyl.

Pergola Design and Ideas

Pergola designs in UAE also vary depending on how much shade they provide. If you want complete shade coverage, choose an arched design with multiple posts and beams supporting the roof structure overhead. Arched designs are also popular because they create a more formal look than straight post designs do.


That’s why Pergola in UAE is one of the most popular backyard structures for many reasons. It’s often used as a space for entertaining and relaxing, as well as providing shade from the heat of the sun. A pergola is also a great way to add privacy to your yard, especially if you don’t have any fences or walls in place.

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