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Why Do you need to use menstrual cup

Menstrual cup  is not only are re-usable, natural feminine products better for you, but also for mother earth, and your pocket book. I will break down some good reasons to switch in this article.

Better For Your Health

One of the biggest reasons women switch to re-usable menstrual cup products are for health reasons. Many people are sensitive or allergic to disposable products & the chemicals they contain, which makes a natural menstrual cup product alternative a necessity. There have been many testimonials from women saying that their PMS symptoms, cramping, and other adverse reactions were greatly relieved when switching to natural feminine products. Coincidencently (or not!), several women even report a shortened and lightened period. Many women who get rash or irritated with disposables have found great relief from these symptoms when using cloth menstrual pads, and discovered that they are much more comfortable to boot! Others switch because they are worried about the risk of getting TSS from the use of disposable tampons, and want to illuminate that risk factor by using an alternative insert product. These are all good reasons to switch to menstrual cups.

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Better For Your Emotional Wellbeing

I have heard from many people (and I whole-heartedly agree!) that they never enjoyed their period until they used menstrual cup products and started to get more familiar with their bodies and its functions. I remember how excited I was to try cloth pads for the first time and how I looked forward to starting my period so I could try my cute new pads out. Then, putting a cloth pad on for the first time – it actually made me smile! I know, that may sound odd — but some of the prints are so darned cute and colorful, I just can’t help myself! Much better than the drab white. The same story for my menstrual cup — I couldn’t wait to try it out and experiment with it. Others have told me they had the same, or similar experiences, with actually enjoying their periods – how liberating for women to finally come to peace with their bodies – this in itself is a blessing!

Better For The Environment

Re-usable, menstrual cup products are less draining on our natural resources. Most natural feminine products (the main focus being cloth menstural pads) are made up almost exclusively of natural plant fibers, such as cotton and hemp. These products are very sustainable and grow back very quickly. Not only that, but when it does come time to finally retire them, they are completely and quickly biodegradable — quite unlike the plastic & other synthetic materials found in mainstream menstrual products. While trees are a renewable resource, the forests take much, much longer to regenerate, and 2nd growth tree stands are nowhere near are healthy or beautiful as they were originally. And that doesn’t even take into account that cutting down trees takes homes away from our feathered / furry frieds and robs the atmosphere of precious oxygen. Air and chemical pollution, of course, are other ” natural” by-products of the processes involved in the manufacturing of disposables. Need I mention the impact of disposable products on landfills? This is another great reason to switch and do your part at helping preserve earth’s natural beauty for future generations to enjoy!

Better For Your Pocket-Book

One of the other reasons to switch is menstrual cup that your husband will appreciate for sure. It is so cost effective! You initially spend some money on your product, but after that… you don’t have to spend another dime! You actually make up the money and then some in the end. No more running out to get a box of sanitary products! Its great! My hubby likes this part of the deal for sure.

Have You Thought About Emergency Preparedness?

Because reusable menstrual cup products are reusable and generally last at least 5 years (with normal, regular use) they are a great option for emergency preparedness. Imagine the panic that would ensue if there were a natural disaster, keeping trucks from bringing food/goods into your town, and all the feminine products are bought up off the store shelf within a day – just imagine if you were one of the women that had no menstrual products! For this reason, many women get reusable products and keep them on hand just for this kind of circumstance as part of their “emergency preparedness” (it takes a lot less room than a years worth of disposable products would!).

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