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Travel Sri Lanka in 2022

Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday is a popular tourism destination in the world. People who love to travel and enjoy beaches will find this island quite suitable for their vacation. It is rich with many tourist attractions, each of them offers something different but still gives pleasure to the eyes of visitors, no matter which age group they belong to or what kind of preferences they have.

There are several sightseeing locations in srilanka , such as:

– Getambe reserve forest

– Kanneliya Forest Reserve

– Wilpattu National Park, Yala National Park &Mirissa Beach

– Minneriya National Park, Polonnaruwa UNESCO world heritage site &Udawalawe National park etc.

For srilanka tour and beach holiday most popular attraction is the white sandy beach. Pack your bag and book a package of srilanka tour and beach holiday for this summer vacation. You can choose any of these srilankan beaches to have an amazing experience with family or friends.

There are many places to stay in Sri Lanka, but you must do some research before you pick one accommodation type over another. For example, many guesthouses have no air conditioning or hot water facilities especially if you are looking at budget hotels in Sri Lanka therefore look into the best places to stay in Sri Lanka before you plan your Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday.

The hotels that are accredited with Tourism Department of Sri Lanka will offer all amenities promised, including air conditioning, hot water facility, telephone and television set. Moreover you can ask for western style toilets as well. The standard rates are also fixed by the government .

These lodgings can be booked through travel agents or directly at travel desk located at airports or ports. If travelling independently it is advised to book accommodation prior arrival to avoid any inconvenience due to lack of suitable srilankan hotel/ guesthouse during srilanka tour and beach holiday journey.

Hence, there are both and disadvantages which one has to face while booking srilankan hotels.

Tourist attractions of Sri Lanka are very popular among people who like to travel and explore the world, therefore it is always better to book a trip to this island nation in advance if you want Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday. Moreover, due to its location in the Indian Ocean it has many beaches which makes Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday journey more special.

A complete Sri Lanka round tours can be created by an experienced travel agent. You can choose any of the srilankan beach holiday packages that are available, including sightseeing places as well as adventure activities to make your journey worth remembering.

In short it is very good experience to visit Sri Lanka during your vacation time and enjoy many attractions it has got for visitors. In case you have never gone on a vacation before then this place will help you create a long cherished memory as there are beaches, waterfalls, wildlife parks and much more in srilanka .

But you must keep few things in mind while visiting this island nation including:

– Do not carry or wear any kind of Jewellery or branded watch for your safety.

– Carry a small bag containing medicines, toiletries and personal belongings for any emergency.

– The temperature of water varies in different seasons so carry swimwear or beach towels with you during srilanka tour and beach holiday .

– Dress sensibly to avoid catching colds.

– Do not take food items which are not pre-packed here due to hygiene issues unless you have taken the permission from Health Department or Food Inspectors.

Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday can be done anytime of year however it is advised that the months between April till May should be avoided as this period of time is monsoon season therefore heavy rains may hinder one from exploring all tourist attractions Sri Lanka has got to offer on srilanka tour and beach holiday .

If planning to visit srilanka for any religious purpose then you must keep in mind that the temple festivals are on full swing during the months of May till October which is also monsoon season. Hence it is advised not to visit Sri Lanka during this period of time.

Similarly you should avoid visiting the beaches on srilanka unless you have a rain coat or poncho due to heavy rains which will make your srilankan beach trip a damp squib. You can purchase raincoats from many places in Sri Lanka irrespective of whether you are going for a single day or multi day tour package, but again it is advised that if these items are unavailable in Sri Lanka then it is advised to take them from your home.

In Sri Lanka clothes are meant for covering the body therefore avoid wearing revealing outfits which include short skirts, sleeveless blouses and low cut tops, while visiting temples or other religious places of srilanka . Choose our cultural tour in Sri Lanka if you want to visit cultural sites.

If you want to visit some special places on a tour package then make sure that you carry all necessary permissions including: – Driving license

– Passport size photos

– A list of items permitted inside restricted areas.

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