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ISO Container

ISO Containers are also known as shipping containers, and are the cargo containers that allow goods to be stored for transport in trucks, trains and boats, making intermodal transport possible. They are typically used to transport heavy materials or palletized goods.

ISO Containers are used to protect transported cargo from shock and bad weather conditions, as well as keep storage products intact. They were first used in the 1950s and were initially developed for the purpose of commercial shipping.

Depending on the type of product that is going to be sent, the ISO Container can vary in dimension, structure, material, etc. Characteristics of these shipping containers were later standardized, something that expedited transport without the need to load and unload the merchandise along the way.

There are different types of ISO Containers for different types of transportation:

Common Types of ISO Containers or Shipping Containers

ISO Containers are another name for the standard shipping containers most used on the market. ISO Containers are typically suitable for any type of dry cargo: pallets, boxes, bags, machines, furniture, etc.

Common types include:

Dry Storage Container

Refrigerated Container

Open top container

Flat rack container

Open Side Container

Tanks Container

Ventilated containers

Choosing the Right Company for Buying a ISO Container

When doing research in finding the right ISO container, follow some of these tips:

Research Online

Choose which companies have a good track record of excellence and reputation. Read reviews and what other customers have to say.

Check for Availability

If you are shipping from various locations, check for availability if containers can be delivered to your required areas.

Check for Best Pricing

If money matters, you can find used container resellers online that might be able to offer half the price on used containers.

Check for Good Customer Service

If you plan to order often, you might want to check for good customer service. Ask potential container companies a question through email or their online customer service. See how fast they respond.

Check for Warranty

Check with companies to see if they offer any warranties or buy back or trade in plans.

There are millions of ISO Containers in use around the world, and a lucky few get a second life as repurposed shipping container structures. While they look a bit plain and boxy to the untrained eye, shipping containers play a critical role in our lives, whether embarking on ocean crossings to deliver the goods we use every day or venturing into a second life as a container structure.

Here are Some Fascinating Facts about ISO Containers

ISO shipping containers can be safely stacked nine high.

Well-maintained ISO shipping containers hold 759, of their original value for 25+ years.

There are over 37 million ISO shipping containers in use around the world.

An ISO container floor can hold up to 55,000 lb. of goods without warping.

ISO Container flooring is made of 1-1/8” marine-grade plywood.

Most ISO containers are 20 feet or 40-feet long.

ISO containers are made of 16-gauge corten steel.

Common container modifications include personnel doors, windows flooring, shelving, work stations, insulation, climate control & even restrooms.

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