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Different types of mosquito nets in the UAE

UAE has a hot and humid climate which provides favourable conditions for mosquito breeding and their multiplication. There is a problem of mosquitoes and bugs in almost every UAE home. This is the reason the mosquito net Dubai market is always up in providing the best possible solutions to the residents of UAE so that entry of mosquitoes can be hindered.

There is a chemical solution also to get rid of mosquitoes but we can’t use them every day because of their possible hazardous effects on humans. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi always suggests minimizing the use of chemical mosquito repellents because they have hazardous effects not only on humans but also on the environment. The best solution is to get modern insect screens installed at your home so that you can provide a peaceful living environment for your family.

The fly net screens or insect screens are used mostly domestically for preventing the entry of unwanted intruders into your house. The mosquito nets screens are available in the following types:

Retractable Mosquito screens

They are the latest pleated insect screens that are trending in the mosquito net Dubai market. It has numerous advanced features which make it completely different from the usual insect screens which have traditionally been used by the residents of the UAE.

Complete bug protection: Not just for mosquitoes, the pleated screens provide all-around protection from bugs, insects, rodents, lizards by hindering their entrance to your home. It has a sturdy design that is tough enough and does not get distorted or break easily unlike fibreglass screens.

Hidden view: The best feature about pleated mosquito net Dubai is that they can be operated very smoothly. When they are in use, they spread and provide a protective barrier but when they are not in use, they can be retracted back without being visible. Also, when they are enclosed within an aluminium frame the colour of the frame can be customised according to the room décor so that it is least visible.

Quality and Craftsmanship: Modern pleated insect screens and the steel safety screens are available in customised designs and colours so that they can be matched according to the existing colour doors or windows. The safety screens are made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminium which makes them highly tensile and impact resistant. Even after getting impacted by kids or pets, they do not distort or break like the fibreglass screens. Also, they can easily withstand the harsh weather of UAE and lasts long for many years. Safety Screens also come with a warranty of 10 years.

Non-retractable Mosquito screens

The modern non-retractable mosquito screens which are available in the Insect net screen Abu Dhabi market is also constructed with high-quality stainless-steel mesh, meeting the Australian standards. They also feature almost all the qualities like that of the retractable or pleated screens, except that they cannot be folded. They have a fixed type of design and can be used for doors and windows. They also provide all-round protection to your home just like the retractable screens.

Installation of safety screens at your home is the best solution for protection against all types of intruders.

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