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Wholesale CNC machining aluminum parts factory

At the beginning, we were was established in 2005, specializing in development and production of expertise plastic injection molds; and then ST. was established in 1012, stepping into process and manufacture of plastic injection. Based on the principle of serving customers and with diligent cultivations for more than 20 years, now our business lines include plastic injection molding, dust free room injection, and development and design of precise plastic molds. The plant area of 4000 square meters has updated hardware several times, made production perfect, adopted advanced injection molds, induced automation concept, decreased costs, and increased capacities, so as to increase competitiveness of the company.

We have advanced CNC Machine, EDM Machine, Wire-Cutting Machine (including low-speed), Milling Machine, Grinding Machine and some normal processing machinery.

Our plastic molds and products manufactured strictly comply with ISO9001:2000 spirit and regulations. Being authorized “Glory” brand with advanced equipment and machinery awarded “Quality Appreciation Brand” by Chinese Technical Supervised Intelligence Bureau in the year 2004.

Our main market are High quality required domestic and abroad Top Market. Now our moulds have been exported to US, UK, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Russia, Syria, Japan, India, Philippines etc.Our purpose is “keep developing to meet worldwide clients’ demands.”

We perform professional plastic mold RD and manufacturing, including finished product drawing review, 2D 3D drawing of removal from mold, dimension measurements, and mold flow analysis, etc. Our integrated production processes, which include mold design, mold manufacturing, and plastic injection molding, can shorten customers’ product development cycles. We are continuously improving our mold manufacturing quality, and have implemented a quality management system to control mold manufacturing processes. Our reputation is based on quality and advanced technology, and we can easily meet customers’ product requirements.

ST currently has a plastic mold plant and plastic molding plant. These plants contain a total of 45 50-ton to 850-ton injection molding machines, along with advanced material dryers, automatic feed systems, robot mechanical arms, and conveyor equipment, etc. Apart from continuously improving our process technology, we are also expanding into new areas of high-tech and precision plastic injection molding, and we provide product assembly service. Our far-ranging service can meet customers’ different needs.

GC Precision Mold

Head office: (DongGuan,GuangDong)

Phone: 0086 (0)769 3385 7766

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Office Address:401 Room, 10 Building,HuYing DoshiHuaHu, ChangPing Town,GongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China. 523000



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