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How to Get Card for BLS Certification in Cathedral City, CA



For many years, individuals with BLS and CPR Certifications have played vital roles to prevent brain damage and death of many American people suffering from cardiac arrest. BLS is the acronym of Basic Life Support and one can get this certification from the AHA. Even though the program is for healthcare providers, but other people may acquire it as well.


BLS Certification Card and its Validity


Candidates may get a completion card after they complete the BLS Certification in Riverside County successfully. The card will remain valid up to 2 years.


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Requisites to Get BLS Completion Card


Candidates have to fulfill the following requirements-

  • Students have to participate in different activities related to BLS CPR in Riverside County. At the same time, candidates have to complete each learning station.
  • Whether you attend online or offline CPR Classes in Riverside County, you have to secure at least 84 percent in an open book written examination.


Additional Requirements for the Card


Candidates want to get cardiopulmonary resuscitation-related First Aid Certification in Cathedral City CA must fulfill the two additional requirements. These include the following-


2-Rescuer AED and Basic Life Support for Adults


Many times, you will find a second person, which plays the role of a rescuer to operate AED and CPR both. The second rescuer lets a bystander to share the task of CPR. Accordingly-

  • The second rescuer makes you fully prepared to use the AED.
  • You may start chest compressions and count the number of compressions both.
  • The second rescuer may give rescue breaths and applies the necessary AED pads.
  • Another reason to train oneself for 2-Rescuer AED and Basic Life Support is to switch roles after completing each five cycle of breaths and compressions. A single cycle has 30 compressions and 2 breaths.
  • When the second rescuer connects AED to a cardiac arrest victim, switching rescuers minimize CPR interruptions and AED analyzes the rhythm of the heart.

Excluding this, 2-Rescuer training helps you a lot if you want to attend advanced classes for adults, like CPR Certification in Riverside County.


2-Rescuer Infant and Child BLS Skill Tests


Individuals have to remember that CPR and BLS for children and infants are different from adults. Hence, you have to acquire BLS skills and pass tests as second rescuers to treat infants and children separately. The skills will even help you if you want to acquire CPR and Basic Life Support in Riverside County. In most cases, you have to take the following actions to work as second rescuers, which include-

  • Tap the bottom area of the feet and talk with the victim loudly to determine whether the infant is responsive.
  • If any infant or child fails to respond, second rescuer may approach emergency medical services to apply an AED.
  • You have to assess whether a baby is breathing and feel its brachial pulse to make sure it is between 5 seconds and 10 seconds.
  • If you fail to feel any pulse, start CPR with a minimum of 15 compressions and 2 breaths. If you feel the pulse but the pulse rate is not 60 beats in one minute, start CPR.
  • Finally, second rescuer has to use and follow the necessary AED prompts by continuing CPR until the condition of the infant becomes normal.




Overall, BLS and CPR certifications play vital role to improve health of people suffering from sudden cardiac arrest and get a bright career ahead.

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