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How a mosquito net for windows can also be a child safety device

Have you ever thought that a mosquito net for windows can also act as a safety barrier for your child? The answer to this question would probably be a ‘No’ because people have been using those flimsy screens made of fibreglass for many decades. When they are newly installed, they are fine but very soon they become a liability for the families living in Dubai. If you want that the mosquito net which is used for keeping the bugs, flies, and mosquitoes away also acts as a device for your kids’ and pets’ safety you need to make a switchover.

Dubai is a city with big villas and numerous high-rise apartments. There are families with kids and pets living in multi-storeyed apartments here. There is a chance that kids might open the windows and fall off the apartment accidentally. Also, if the mosquito net is broken or distorted the chances of such accidents increases even more. This gives rise to the requirement of a mosquito net system that can act both as a mosquito barrier and as a device for child safety. If there is a sturdy mosquito net installed on homes, the chances of mishaps are minimized. If the parents wish to increase the safety of their kids in their homes, they need to install the modern stainless-steel mesh which is prevalent in Dubai these days. They are not just mosquito nets but they are a complete system for protection against all odds.

How does the hottest trend in a mosquito net for windows act as the child safety device, let’s find out?

Quality manufacturing

The modern mosquito nets are not those flimsy fiberglass mosquito screens that have been used in Dubai for decades, they are high-quality, stainless steel mesh screens manufactured using Australian technology. Because they are manufactured with the highest quality standards, there is no question of breaking or distortion. They are impact-resistant and cannot be cut with a knife like the fibreglass mesh. This makes them resistant to children and pets’ impact and acts as their safety device.

Triple Lock system

These stainless-steel mesh screens which are prevalent in Dubai these days have a special triple point locking mechanism that is difficult for the kids to operate. They will not be able to open the screens if they are alone; this will avoid any kind of accident or mishap in absence of elders.

Long term warranty

Unlike those flimsy screens, these mosquito net for windows are manufactured to last for years. The Australian technology with which they are manufactured provides a warranty of 10 years. So, there is no question of replacing them or spending money on their maintenance. Once installed these safety screens will last for more than 10 years and there will be no worries of breaking or distortion.

These modern safety screens not only add a complete protection system in your Dubai home but also add glamour to your entire home décor. They are available in different colourful frame options which can be matched according to the colour of your walls.

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