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Content and Scope of CPR Certification in Palm Springs to Save SCA Patients

Every year, approximately 5 lacs people die from sudden cardiac arrest or heart attack in the United States. Another surprising fact is that more than 80 percent of SCA victims do not have any known heart-related disease. Regardless of the underlying cause, victims of sudden cardiac arrest need immediate treatment that is within 5 minutes.

Delay may cause death or brain damage to the patient. Another problem is that maximum SCA incidents take place in out-of-the-hospital settings. Luckily, bystanders who know PALS Palm Springs or other areas may handle the SCA patients until the arrival of emergency service.

However, performing CPR is not a piece of cake. Instead, candidates have to acquire training from a reputed AHA-accredited institute. Here, CPR is the acronym for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a lifesaving procedure performed by bystanders whenever the heartbeat stops. Once you complete your program, you get a BLS Certification Palm Springs, which remains valid for 2 years.

Study Materials and Content in Online Certification Program

Study materials related to the cardiopulmonary resuscitation type of First Aid Certification Palm Springs consist of lessons or interactive modules organized by the AHA. The modules include the following-

•              Written content

•              Downloadable manual for students

•              Instructional videos and illustrations

•              Interactive prompts to make sure that candidates understand the study material present in each of the lessons

•              Practice questions after you complete each lesson or module

Once you complete your modules via online CPR Classes Palm Springs, you may apply for a certification examination to get a certificate.

Scope of CPR Program as per the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association considers cardiopulmonary resuscitation as a critical step in its Chain of Survival. The term gives a valuable metaphor for every element present in the concept of ECC systems. According to the experts organizing CPR or BLS Palm Springs CA, an out-of-hospital chain of survival in adults consists of 6 links. These links include the following-

·        To recognize cardiac arrest and activate the respective emergency response system

·        Imparting CPR as early as possible with a strong emphasis on the compression of the chest

·        Help from emergency medical services to provide advanced resuscitation

·        Rapid defibrillation

·        Providing care after cardiac arrest

·        Recovery of patients, which consists of observation, advanced treatment, psychological support, and rehabilitation

An effective chain of survival may improve the chance to survive and recover the victims of cardiac arrest. On the other hand, the learning chain of survival improves the knowledge of candidates pursuing BLS or CPR. Accordingly, such individuals may acquire advanced training and ACLS Certification Palm Springs or another nearby area.

Application of Automated External Defibrillators 

Individuals who choose to acquire training in CPR and CPR Certification Palm Springs also have to learn the operation of an AED. AED is the short form for Automated External Defibrillators. It further increases the survival chance of a cardiac arrest victim. Hence, the instructors of CPR Palm Springs CA provide a detailed guide on the implementation of an AED program at home or the workplace.

Overall, the combination of CPR, Chain of Survival, and application of AED maintain proper blood flow to increase the opportunity of resuscitation after the arrival of medical professionals on the site. Hence, timely CPR may prevent brain damage and increase the chance of survival for cardiac arrest patients.

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