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Benefits to Buy Electric Bikes from Vforce Wheels 

In the recent few months, e-bikes have become a convenient and affordable mode of transportation in almost every region of the United States. E-bikes are an acronym for Electric Bikes, which not only saves your petrol but also reduce the level of pollution largely.

Right Place to Buy E-Bikes

However, the question that comes to our mind is where we can find good quality electric or eco-friendly bikes. Here comes the role of Vforce Wheels. Right from the beginning, the company has remained the most preferable destination for varieties of electric bikes and other similar electric vehicles.

If you have any question, please feel free to email us at:

Address – 18009 Sky Park Cir. Suite E

Irvine, CA 92614

Customer Service – +1 (949) 424-2940

Operating Hours – Monday-Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm PST.

Non-Operating Hours – Saturday/Sunday – Closed


Why Vforce Wheels Online is Preferable

Authorized Dealer

Vforce Wheels is one of the authorized dealers for a large number of distributors and manufacturers of the United States. A few popular electric bikes supplied by the company are-

Green Bike Electric




American Electric

Hollywood Racks


Revi Bikes

GenZe and many more

Assurance of Safety, Security, and Privacy

Professionals at Vforce Wheels use innovative technologies powered by Norton and MacAfee. Moreover, the website has each of its pages that have SSL security on HTTPS. Here, the experts never share the personal information of prospects or customers. Hence, everyone expects to obtain safety, security, and privacy while placing an order online at Vforce Wheels.

Involves Easy Steps to Place Order

Once you place the order for any particular electric bike, you get a confirmation email from Vforce Wheels.

Accordingly, the experts pre-authorize the credit card of our buyers to let them make purchases.

Simultaneously, Vforce Wheels approach to suppliers for confirming that product is available in stock and ready to ship immediately.

An interesting aspect is that the website processes the required charges and submits the respective order of electric bikes to ship within only 5 business days.

However, if any item is not available or remains on backorder, Vforce approach via email.

Additional Benefits to Buy Electric Bikes

E-bikes are Rechargeable

E-bikes and motorcycles need nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries to charge. Indeed, charging such batteries is simple, as one can plug in at every wall outlet. These bikes require approximately 8 hours to recharge their batteries completely.

Need Low Maintenance

Unlike standard bikes, e-bikes involve low maintenance. The reason is that a standard bike requires a regular check on adjustment and lubrication. However, an e-bike does not need much fuss. Only, you have to start aware of the fluid flush, tires, and brake pads.

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Requires Low Cost

Electric bikes consume about 250 watts of power while driving for 20 minutes. An interesting aspect is that the electricity cost to operate an eco-friendly bike is Rs 5. Hence, the bike is relatively affordable.

Prevents Noise Largely

Electric bikes not only prevent air pollution but also prevent noise while moving on the road. These bikes breeze through various streets of the United States while maintaining silence. A few bikes even feature artificial noise to warn commuters about the approaching vehicle or vehicles.


Therefore, with the right electric bike of your choice, you feel enough confident while driving on your vehicle.

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